The Team

The Management Team


Dawayne Dewey and his team of professionals are specialists in custom taxidermy with animals from around the globe. This team of professionals takes pride in doing the best job possible on each piece for every client.

Steve Werbelow – Master Taxidermist.

Steve Werbelow-image005Steve Werbelow-image007Steve has been with the Team since 2009. Steve grew up and has spent most of his life in the Cody, Wyoming area. He has a passion for hunting Wyoming big game, especially bear. Steve had been doing taxidermy for nearly 40 years before coming to our team. Steve’s work has been awarded and recognized from the State, National and World levels of taxidermy competition. Steve enjoys the challenge of bringing all the detail and life back into the animals he works on. His attention to detail and passion to produce the best product for our customers are the values that make him a great team member.

Bones Johnson – Taxidermist and finish artist.

Bones Johnson-image013Bones Johnson-image015Bones came on board in 2013 with the DWS Team. He is a native of Virginia. He enjoys archery hunting and hiking the wilderness, looking for nature’s treasures. Bones brings with him 20 years’ experience in the industry. With his experience and expertise in large mammal taxidermy and sculpting, he has been awarded and recognized for his work at the State, National and World Taxidermy levels. His determination to bring the trophy back to life and provide a lasting memory for the client is a valuable asset to the team.

Management Team:

Dawayne Dewey – Owner and President and Master Taxidermist

Dawayne Dewey-image021Version 2Dawayne moved to the Cody, Wyoming area with his wife, Yvonne, and family in 1998. Dawayne and Yvonne enjoy spending time camping, hunting and enjoying the outdoors with their family. They came to the area to focus on building a business and taxidermy shop that would be different and stand out from the rest. With God’s guidance and hard work they have built a company that continues to grow and flourish. As listed above Dawayne has been recognized and earned some of the highest achievements in the taxidermy industry. The pinnacle of his achievements in the taxidermy industry is receiving the honor and title of Master of Masters (best in the world). His experience and expertise in taxidermy and sculpting big game has brought him to a level not achieved by many. Dawayne’s focus on producing the best finished product possible for the customer has set Dewey’s Wildlife Studio apart and has built a reputation as one of the best custom taxidermy studios in the nation.

Adam Wickes – General Manager / Customer Service Manager.

Adam Wickes-image025Adam Wickes-image027Adam enjoys spending time in outdoors with his wife Robyn camping, hunting and fishing. He recently moved to Wyoming in the spring of 2015 to join the DWS Team. Prior to joining the DWS team he has been working in the tanning and taxidermy industry since 2006. Adam brings an experience and knowledge of animals from around the globe, as well as experience with exporting and importing trophies in and out of the U.S.. Adam’s passion to serve clients and his experience in the industry brings a level of customer service to our team that will serve our clients and team well.